YS Jagan welcomes Naidu’s move

YS Jagan Mohan Reddy speaking to the media on Thursday morning said that he welcomes the move of Chief Minister.
He also dared CM to mount pressure on the center by making all MPs of Andhra Pradesh resign their respective posts.

He added the state government should pass no-confidence motion or support should support him while he passes the no-confidence motion.
Jagan said that he would move no-confidence motion by on March 21st if Naidu doesn’t support him.

By supporting each other we could get the focus of National Media which would help in getting SCS.
YSRC has also planned a letter campaign for sorting the support of the opposition parties to gain the statutory minimum number of 50 MPS for moving n0-confidence motion.

Jagan is also mulling on sending personal letters to various opposition party leaders urging them to sign the YSRC proposed no-confidence motion.

There are speculations that YSRC and TD party may patch up for passing the no-confidence motion. As all the parties are fighting for SCS for AP there are chances that the ruling party and opposition parties may together strive for the welfare of the state.

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