TDP To Release Booklet on Injustice To Andhra Pradesh

Chief Minister Nara Chandrababu Naidu is making his every move very strategically. Not breaking the ties completely he instead took another approach.

The TD party has decided to bring out a 50-page booklet highlighting what the Centre had done and not done for the state.

CM has planned to put out in public what Centre has done to the state and the booklet that is to be released covers 19 topics including SCS.

The booklet was titled, ‘’What Justice Did the Centre do to AP? What happened to promises made in Parliament?’’.

Though the booklet was ready in Telugu, CM is prepping to make the copies in English and Hindi as well so that the copies can be distributed across the country.

To counter the claims of BJP which is saying to have done everything to the State of AP, TD party has planned to distribute the booklet containing the assurances promised and what all are meted.

The party leaders are going to distribute the booklets among the Parliamentary party leaders of all parties and the presidents of all parties across the country

Mr. Naidu has already written to all the Parliamentary Party leaders of all parties seeking their cooperation in the TDP’s fight for implementation of the promises made by the Centre.

The booklet last page would be a black on with a statement “Our fight will not stop until realizing Special Category Status, all promises made by then Prime Minister and the commitments made in AP Reorganisation Act. This is Telugu People’s Fight for Self-Respect”

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