State health bulletin was released by chief minister Nara Chandrababu Naidu

A new medical programme named ‘Palakarimpu’ was launched during the event. Under the programme, medical teams will visit over 1.20 lakh houses for 21 days from March 5 to 31.

Children in the age group of 0-5 years will be observed and their health condition will be regularly checked. The target is set for 50 lakh children across the state.

Every child will be administered vaccines and malnourished children will be identified and given proper advice. A proper medical care will be provided to children suffering from ill health and birth deficiencies, which will be identified and given treatment as suggested. Also, guidance and advice for the care of underweight children would be given.

Speaking at the event Naidu said, “Steps should be taken for 100 percent control of infant mortality rate and maternal mortality rate. Under “Janmabhoomi” programme, innovative steps are being taken up. We formed volunteers under the name of “Sadhikara Mitra”.

He added that special programmes were being conducted for pregnant women and newborn babies. He also promised to make the state 100 percent Open Defecation Free (ODF) by the end of this month. He also stressed on exercising as a daily routine to keep oneself healthy.

Naidu also directed all officials to meet at least one day in a month and to discuss and resolve the issues in the villages across the state, so that such issues will not arise again.

Naidu further said that health bulletin should be released at village and district levels across Andhra Pradesh on the fourth of every month.

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