PM Modi ignores his guru LK Advani at public event, video goes viral

Power always gives you pride, but that pride would sometimes get into the head and makes one look like a bad person.

A recent incident that has happened in the swearing ceremony of Tripura Chief Minister has brought down a lot of criticism.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi was seen ignoring LK Advani by not at least looking at him. PM greeted every other person on Dias except Advani.

Poor Advani was standing all the time folding his hands while our popular PM has completely insulted him.

Modi should have had some respect for the person who backed him up and defended him when AB Vajpayee wanted Narendra Modi to step down as the Chief Minister of Gujarat following the Godhra riots.

It is Advani’s concern that has saved him back then and Modi was allowed to continue in his position.

But now the relationship has soured for the reasons that Modi knows himself.
Why Modi Ji, you should have had some respect for Advani. After all, you owe him for his concern towards you. But why did you insult him in such a way?
Why did you make yourself look like a bad person? You should have at least given respect for his age.

We do know that in politics everything changes, but at least one should not behave like this know, sir. Our country is not expecting this from you, Modi Ji.

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