Flying cars in Vizag ?

Well if that would be the reality then we would all be on time to our offices, right? So here’s news for you it could become reality for AP and Vizag in a couple of years.

A US-based company with an Indian Partner is interested in bringing the technology to AP and Vizag and Amravati are their favored destinations for setting it up.

This electric Vertical Take-off and Landing Vehicles (VTOL) or ‘flying cars’ can fly over traffic congestions. Estimates show the futuristic technology will also be affordable at Rs 4 per km per passenger.

The company is in talks with the state government for a demo of this technology in Andhra Pradesh by early 2019.

The new vehicle would be a road-cum-air transport which would be a larger version of the drone and would be able to carry two-eight passengers.

These vehicles are built in the light yet high-power motors that can lift the vehicle off the ground. The speed of the flying car would be around 350kms per hour and it will not fly too high.

George O’Neal, Co-founder of the Karman Inc said that Vizag is one of the favored places where land would be available for setting up the manufacturing unit.
“It is a passenger transportation that is personal and fast. Our proprietary systems can bring the flying car ride at an extremely affordable cost in India – Rs 4 per km per passenger,” added O’Neal.

The company is considering establishing a permanent base in India, with plans to demonstrate this technology to the AP Economic Development Board.

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