Competition for SCS

As if to make the situations much worse, each state is coming up with the demand for SCS for their respective states.

The centre right now rejected the SCS to Andhra Pradesh, because if it grants so Bihar state would be next in line for venting out demand for SCS.
And now Odisha has come into the competition. Naveen Patnaik Chief Minister of Odisha said that his government will purse demand for according SCS for their state.

Naveen Patnaik speaking to the media said that, “We have always been demanding for special category status for Odisha. We’ll do so again.”
Odisha has been planning to intensify their demand for SCS if Centre grants Special Category Status to Andhra Pradesh.

The state of Odisha has been demanding for SCS since long and it was never granted. And if the Centre grants SCS for AP would cause a fuss.
The centre even can’t grant SCS under such circumstances as it would become burden to it. The states which are demanding for SCS and comparing their states with Andhra Pradesh are not fair.

Andhra Pradesh has been facing financial crisis since its bifurcation and would continue to go on with the crisis if SCS was not granted. God only knows till when the state has to fight with the financial crisis.

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