Chandragiri Station-All women railway station

There used to be times when women were not allowed to come out of the house. It would be surprising to any person of those old days to come and look at the today’s scenario. Everything’s changed.

Long gone are those days, women, women, women are all you can see in every sector. Of course, men are there as well. But not in Chandragiri station of Andhra Pradesh.

The South Central Railway Management has named the little-known station near Tirupati as the ‘’All women railway station’’.

The move is aimed towards empowering women to do anything on their own Indian Railways have been making some selected stations as ‘All Women managed Railway Stations’.

The station has four station masters, one booking clerk, one health worker and two technical positions. But one has to travel long to find the station as the station’s location was away from human habitation.

Women employees working in Tirupati, Renugunta and Chittoor stations have been transferred to this little station for this purpose.

Chandragiri station fetches SCR average revenue of Rs 5,000 per day with about 234 passengers travel through the station daily.

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