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TDP prepping to involve SC over SCS

The Telugu Desam Party which has fixed its stance to achieve Special Category Status to Andhra Pradesh at any cost is trying to make its move now.

The party is prepping up to involve Supreme Court over the issue of Special Category Status for Andhra Pradesh. 

The orator of TDP, MP Jayadev Galla on Thursday speaking to the media said that the party is contemplating to move Supreme Court into the SCS issue and added that TDP will keep fighting until justice is achieved to AP.

He also added, "We approached Parliament today and debated on the concerned issue. We had a no-confidence motion against Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the council of ministers. We had also met the President and the Vice-President."

Meanwhile, the TDP MPs are protesting in front of the Mahatma Gandhi Statue every day in Parliament on the same issue. 

TDP MP Sivaprasad who is famous for the way in which he protests by dressing himself in various attires is continuing the same. Amidst slogan shouting, he was today seen in the dress of a magician. Earlier he donned Sathya Sai Baba avatar, a woman, a washerman, a schoolboy, etc.

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