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Akhila Priya upset with Subba Reddy post

Its seems that Akhila Priya is once again upset with the TD party chief, as he has appointed AV. Subba Reddy as the chairman of AP Seeds Development Corporation.  

It is already known that Akhila Priya and Subba Reddy are not on good terms since long and this new appointment seems to be irking the Tourism Minister.

Though she has talked about the issue, the inner circle of Akhila Priya says that the tourism minister is feeling that posting Subba Reddy to the corporation chairman was only to reduce her control over Allagadda constituency.

Ever since Akhila Priya got a berth with the Chandrababu Cabinet she is trying to take control over the Allagadda and Nandyal politics and Subba Reddy has become a competition to her.

Even though CBN tried to bring about a truce between the two warring groups, Akhila and Subba continued to indulge in the rivalry.

CBN just made it sure the both would not go on continuing in the competition, by giving Subba Reddy a Cabinet post rank and giving confidence to Akhila that her seat would be intact.

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