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YSRC will not support BJP

For once and all YSRCP has put an end to the allegations being made against the party. It has made it clear that the party is not going to align with BJP in the coming elections.

YSRCP senior leader and Rajya Sabha member V.Vijay Sai Reddy have announced that his party would not support the BJP in the forthcoming elections to Rajya Sabha deputy chairman post.

Addressing the media he said that YSRCP will not vote for BJP and will not support BJP even if other pro-BJP parties field their candidates.

He also said that their party feels that the BJP has betrayed the people of Andhra Pradesh and so, YSRCP will not support it or its friendly parties.
Recently, YSRC president Y S Jaganmohan Reddy also made it clear that there was no question of forging an alliance with any party and that his party would go it alone in the next elections.

TDP has been criticizing YSRCP for being a puppet in the hands of BJP and was dancing to the latter’s tunes in attacking the ruling TDP. To put an end to this campaign YSRCP has declared its stand.

The proximity of Vijay Sai Reddy with BJP leaders and Modi has become the cause of concern and TDP has been exploiting the same all these days.
With the declaration, YSRCP is expecting to overcome the negative impact of the TDP campaign to a large extent.

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