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TDP to get 15 minutes max at the no-confidence discussion

The speaker said to have allotted a stipulated time-frame for every party to vet out their opinions on the no-confidence motion moved against the NDA led BJP government. 

As the no-confidence motion moved by TDP and Congress is coming to the discussion on Friday, the TDP cadre is prepping up to utilize the time frame allocated to them. To read out the concerns, complaints, issues and the gross injustice meted out to the state by the Centre, TDP is likely to get 13 minutes in the Lok Sabha. 

As the time TDP would be getting is very less, CBN is now chalking out a plan and is preparing a spectacular speech highlighting AP's concerns. CM has been interacting with MPs and guiding them to utilize the opportunity to fight for the state. 

Though Vijayawada MP Kesineni Srinivas had moved the motion in Lok Sabha yesterday, Jaydev Galla has been chosen to start the debate as he has prowess in effectively giving out speeches. 
It is learnt that Naidu has instructed the MPs to seek more time for expressing their views on the motion. "We will get only 15 minutes to speak on the motion but you seek more time. Ensure that nobody is against us. Either they should support us or stay neutral," Naidu instructed the MPs.
In order to show that opposition is united against the BJP led NDA government, the opposition parties have asked the TDP to dwell on issues like lynching and communal violence apart from the main demand of granting Special Category Status to Andhra Pradesh. 
Guntur MP Jaydev Galla has been lauded earlier by the social media when he has given a speech in the Lok Sabha on the lack of fulfilment of promises made to AP state during bifurcation. 
Jayadev addressed Prime Minister Mr Narendra Modi as “Mr Prime Minister” which made him the hero of Andhra people who dared to question Mr Narendra Modi.
The people of Andhra Pradesh are literally waiting for the next bullet speech Jaydev is going to bring out at the no-confidence motion.

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