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After Kathi Mahesh its Paripoornanda Swami who got expelled

As if counter the allegations made by Kathi Mahesh father and some other Dalit leaders, that Kathi Mahesh was expelled from the city as he is a Dalit, the Police department has now expelled Sree Peetham priest Paripoornanda Swami to make it even.
The police have announced that Paripoornanda Swami was also expelled from the city for a period of 6 months. They cited that the expulsion is made because of some speech was given by him in last November, Police received several complaints and because of those complaints, now Swamy is expelled from the city.
Swamy was taken into custody by Police and they took him out of the city. Speculations are round that he was moved to his hometown of Kakinada. The decision was taken by the police to prevent any sort of antisocial activities happening in the city.

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