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Its all Modi’s plan ?

So finally the doubts are been cleared with saffron party’s leader confession. Everyone has wondered why Modi let Naidu out of the alliance. They were thick friends indeed, leaving politics aside. Making TDP move out of alliance is part of BJPs strategy.

The BJP leader has revealed the saffron party’s political plan in the Telugu states for 2019 Lok Sabha and Assembly polls.   

He revealed that BJP wants to stop TDP ruling in Andhra Pradesh at any cost and as part of the plan BJP made circumstances within the coalition government which finally made TDP quit the alliance.

The leader further said that BJP could have stopped Chandrababu Naidu from quitting NDA if it had really wanted him.

It seems that BJP has begun its new plan to make its power possible in AP hook or crook. The leader confessed that BJP has begun its new game plan in AP and is going to work towards it. Stating that they are open to join leaders from other parties in BJP, he said many from TDP are sending signals to join BJP.

He also added that CBN would not be coming into power in 2019 elections despite his string attempts.
What it was clear from this is that BJP is striving its best to make sure that Chandrababu Naidu will not get into power. We have to wait and watch, what game plan CBN would make to counter the saffron party.

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