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Would the polls of Karnataka affect coming general elections in AP

It turns out that the saffron party has got hold of another south state. As the BJP expected it is seen leading in the Karnataka elections.

Congress party has been confident over the win but the people of Karnataka have just turned down the hopes of Congress.  Prakash Raj’s anti-Modi campaign has come in vain.

The Congress, which had been nurturing hopes for a second term in power despite a 30-year-long anti-incumbency streak in the southern state, performed poorly across all eight regions of the state.

A BJP-led government in Karnataka would prove a major boost for PM Modi ahead of the 2019 Lok Sabha elections, silencing critics who said his popularity had faded over the rocky implementation of the Goods and Services Tax and the sudden ban on high-value notes in 2016.

BJP has finally made through Karnataka what popularly called ‘’gateway to south’’.

The result is surely a big blow to the TD party in the state. It has been against BJP after it has broken its alliance and is fighting for SCS for Andhra Pradesh.

It can also be expected that BJP would be joining hands with the opposition parties in the state and would give out SCS for getting the state’s support.    
Whatever it may happen we cannot come to a conclusion until it happens.

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