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Purandeshwari into YSRCP ?

BJP is gradually losing its stand in the state of Andhra Pradesh. The demand for SCS is clearly paving way for BJP’s doom in the state.

The centre might not have understood this but surely people of the state have got the point. Survival of the party after the 2019 elections in the state is a dream that may not be fulfilled. 

One after the other BJP leaders are slowly digesting the fact and slowly deserting the party in the state and joining other parties. 

The latest report is that former Union Minister Daaggubati Purandeshwari is contemplating on joining YSRC and seems to have holding backroom negotiations with the YSRC party leaders.  If the discussions go well she might quit the BJP and join YSRC soon.  

It would be plus point to YSRC party if NTR’s daughter would join the party, as it would turn the NTRs fan base towards YSRC. And moreover, she is related to TDP chief Naidu, which brings a negative impression on TDP as she has chosen the opposition party. 

All these days, she had to maintain a low profile because of the alliance between the BJP and the TDP. If she joins the YSRC, she could directly take on Naidu.

It is learned Jagan is contemplating fielding Purandeshwari from Vijayawada or Machilipatnam Lok Sabha seats. This would help turn the Kammas of Krishna district towards YSRC.

Let’s see what’s more waiting in the political turmoil.

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