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Pawan gets another legal notice

Janasena Chief Pawan Kalyan who was on his Praja Porata Yatra is seen lashing out comments on the leaders of the constituencies he is traveling through.

The other day Pawan Kalyna made allegations against MLA Gauthu Shivaji, son of Sardar Gauthu Lachchanna and his son-in-law Venkanna Chowdari. Pawan commented that people of the constituency are paying additional “Alludu tax”, obviously he was referring the bribes to be given to MLA’s son-in-law.

The comments have irked the MLA and in après meet, he told that he has sent legal notices to Pawan for his scathing political comments on them. He added that his family had never been accused of corruption. He added, Pawan has to prove his allegations or else face legal consequences. He revealed they already sent legal notices to Pawan Kalyan.

So a set of fresh legal notices have reached Pawan. How Pawan Kalyan reacts to the notices is an awaited scene. He has the habit of criticizing people by just hearing about them from somebody else. If he is following the same propaganda this time as well, that would be a problem for him.

Let's see how Pawan responds to these notices.

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