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Kar'nataka- Nataka

The karnataka elections seems to have decided to give a tough competition to the IPL. As it taught so, it is winning in the same way. All the peopleof our country are drawn towards the Karnataka polls and eagerly waiting for the coming scenes.

As the floor test for Karnataka chief minister BS Yeddyurappa has been scheduled for saturday, people of the country are waiting eagerly than the partcicipating BJP, INS and JDS. 

The show of strength could play in the assembly in many possible ways today.

The BJP has emerged as the single largest party + with 104 seats, followed by the Congress with 78, JD(S) with 37 and three seats have gone to others in the 224-member assembly where elections were held for 222 seats.

The possible scenarios might be a maximum of five in the assembly. 
BJP gets at least 7 Congress/JD(S) MLAs to vote in its favour, and wins.
Yeddyurappa gets 14 Congress/JD(S) MLAs to resign immediately after taking oath, or abstain from taking oath, reducing the effective strength of the House to 206 and the majority mark to 104. 

House may be suspended by Governor, because of possible disruptions. 
Congress-JD(S) combine is able to hang on to its MLAs, ensures there is no defection or last-minute absenteeism and wins the trust vote.

If Yeddyurappa fails to rustle up numbers, he could resign before facing the floor test.

As the session is made live available, there is nothing more interesting than it to any person of the country now. In a short while we would get to know the outcome.

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