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‘Kaboye Alludu’ the next biopic

The biopic’s season has got another interesting movie to play for the Telugu audience. If everything goes well, we can see the biopic of Uday Kiran through the movie ‘Kaboye Alludu’.
Director Teja has come up with the idea of making a biopic out of Uday Kiran’s life. According to him Chiranjeevi will be part of the biopic. Hero Rajasekhar will be playing Chiranjeevi on screen.

It is known fact to everyone that Chiranjeevi wanted Uday Kiran as his son-in-law. At the time, Chiranjeevi's daughter and Uday Kiran got engaged too. However, the engagement got cancelled due to some unknown reasons.
After which she got married t another person and Uday Kiran too married another person after 8 years gap. But the reason behind the broke-up is not known till now. In fact it’s a matter of interest to everyone.

Is Teja going to reveal the reasons behind the broken engagement? Is he going to show all the details from Uday Kiran's story? Uday kiran losing his stardom, falling into depression and his death by committing suicide; do all these will be incorporated in the film?
As a matter of fact Teja and Uday Kiran were good friends. Apart from introducing him, he was the one who got stardom for Uday Kiran. So there’s no doubt that he knowing all the life events of Uday kiran.  

Till now it is interesting. Is the plot really gonna hit the big-screen? That is the real question. Involving the biggies into the plot, might not be liked by them. Until the story hits the screen, nothing is confirmed.

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