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Jagan blames CBN for boat accident in the Godavari

Opposition Party Leader YS. Jagan Mohan Reddy took a stand stating that Chief Minister of the state is responsible for the boat accident happened near devipatnam in East Godavari District.

Jaganmohan Reddy described the tragedy as the murders committed by CBN and his inefficient government.

Speaking to the media Jagan said “Naidu government has miserably failed to ensure security and safety of passengers traveling boats and ferries. The chief minister and his cabinet colleagues should be held responsible for the accident’’.

He said that the accidents that are taking place in the Krishna and Godavari rivers are because of the ill-fitness of the boats.

The boat operators are bribing the officials in which Naidu and his son Lokesh had a share. That is why they are keeping blind to the illegal operation of boats resulting in accidents, he added.

“Even during Godavari pushkarams, 29 people died in stampede only due to Naidu’s inefficiency. The so-called inquiries ordered by the government were just eyewash,” he said.

How pathetic it is to blame the ruling party and its governance for an accident that has happened due to heavy speed winds. The blame game of the opposition party seems to have no ends to it. Whatever happens, wherever it happens they claim that it is because of CBN. There is a limit to this blame game.

Ok, we understand that it the job role of the opposition party to point out the wrongdoing of the governance, but this is not the way they should do it. No one wants someone to die. The accident is an ill-fated one and has nothing to do with the state governance.

In times of need, in times of working towards assisting the victims, blaming the governance negligence and accusing it of corruption is so pathetic.

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