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Don’t you even spare me-Lord Venkateswara?

This is what lord Balaji would be saying now if he is audible to us. The ruckus that was being made is taking many turns and twists. I don’t understand why they are dragging god into these muddy politics.

The controversial priest has been leveling allegations and accusations against the TTD board that controls India's richest temple and the ruling TDP.
Deekshitulu, 69, has called for a CBI investigation into the case of the missing jewel. He added that the missing pink diamond belonging to the temple shrine which he claimed that it was recently auctioned in Geneva for whopping Rs 500 Crore. 

He also alleges that since 1996, many such pieces of jewelry have vanished.
So an ex-priest of the temple is making some allegations but the importance is being gained because of his perceived proximity to central leaders.

The priest had received Amit Shah in Tirupati just before the Karnataka elections and had reportedly conveyed his allegations and worries. Later he held a press conference in Chennai on May 15 and three days later, he was shown the door.

The temple EO has however clarified that the priest allegations were all baseless and would not carry any value as the valuables of Lord are all intact and safe.

Meanwhile, CM Chandrababu Naidu is serious on the whole TTD issue who ordered for an internal probe.

Whatever the issue may be, God does know the truth and karma awaits for every deed good and bad.

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