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BJP won't return to power in 2019 aforesaid CBN

Chief Minister NARA Chandrababu Naidu who inaugurated the annual event Mahanadu here foretold that BJP won't return to power in 2019 positively, he said. 

He lashed out against Prime Minister Narendra Modi saying that ‘’campaign PM has did not deliver on promises’’. "The Congress is within the opposition. It cannot do abundantly. however the BJP will certainly not return to power in 2019," he said.

He additionally declared that TDP contends a key role in forming governments within the past and had the ability to vary the political narrative within the country, hinting that it'd a tie-up with similar parties to prevent the BJP's juggernaut in 2019.

BJP coming back into power in 2019 is simply a remote dream, he added. He mocked PM concerning him as a ‘’campaign PM’’ and who offers out solely slogans.  

In 1996 TDP was the key within the formation of alignment government, it's the ability to vary the political situation within the country, and that we won’t step back CBN aforesaid. 

He aforesaid the TDP withdrew support from the NDA government because the Centre had reneged on its promise to grant province Special class standing and to implement the AP Reorganization Act.

Naidu suspects the BJP of revealing the individuals of a province and making an attempt to make law and order issues within the state in collusion with the YSRCP.

Naidu has conjointly warned Modi against wiggling with TTD temple beliefs and Lord Venkateswara. Cautioning that nobody who contends with Lord Venkateswara prospered ever, Chandrababu cursed them saying all of them will pay the vast price in the present birth itself.

Blaming BJP for raising regional disparities between individuals of Andhra and Rayalaseema, Naidu aforesaid BJP tried to make disturbances within the name of 'Rayalaseema Declaration'. Naidu alleged that BJP has taken back the cash it had assigned for the financially backward regions of AP. 

Chandrababu conjointly attacked Opposition leader and 'power-hungry' Jagan Mohan Reddy. Naidu aforesaid YSRCP is backing BJP for its personal gains to beat the cases Jagan is facing from the Central agencies resembling CBI, ED. 

Chandrababu alleged that BJP is agitating political parties against him. He enthused confidence spoken language that TDP can convalesce in 2019 and regain power. He aforesaid the individuals of AP have vast trust and confidence in his government.

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