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Twitter row of Pawan

Janasena Chief Pawan Kalyan has finally responded to the SriReddy criticism. He shot back at the people who are responsible for the SriReddy’s behavior and the language which she used. 

Pawan added that he is going to give the mother of all shows. He tweeted, ‘’You all love & die for Shows which will get highest TRPS for your channels, right??.. Good!! I will gove the Mother of all shows.

Pawan’s twitter handle has been blasted with series of tweets. He accused the media channels which have made use the situation for TRP gains. Pawan even took a dig at RGV in his series of tweets made. 

He said that SriniRaju owns 88.69% of TV9 and also accused him as an investor who makes money out of slander campaigns on public misery and that he will understand in the days to come what he has done.

He added that incidentally, SriniRaju happens to be related to Director Ramgopal Varma. 

He warned the channel of Mahaa News TV for the consequences to be faced. He said that the channel which is being funded by Sujana Chowdary Garu or his binami will also face the consequences for abusive programs on my Mother. Including CEO & Murthy garu. 

Another member of the Dream Team “Open heart RK “, who openly got my mother abused in public got mileage and TRP also.

Interestingly RGV has responded back to a certain tweet where Pawan has put up a photo of SriniRaju and captioned it as this is his new look to which RGV showed his nerve again by giving back a spiteful reply. 

‘’Srini Rajugaari ee lookni bayatapeddadam P K vuddheshyam aayana criminal laa maaru vesham lo thiruguthunnarani cheppadaanika?, ledha aayanni attack cheyyamani thana fans ni instigate cheyyadaanika? Shocking beyond words’’ RGV tweeted.

Pawan was quick to give a warning to his cult fans, he tweeted ’’ I appeal to all jansainiks to be quiet and don’t indulge in any violent acts..From tomorrow onwards SriniRaju is going to put a defamation case on me but you please restrain yourself. And I am also going for a long and powerful legal battle on these channel heads.’’

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