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Raghavendra Rao offered his beard to Lord Balaji for SCS

Director K.Raghavendra Rao who is always seen with a beard has today given up his beard to Lord Balaji for the sake of the state.
On Monday the veteran director has visited Lord Venkateswara Temple and shaved off his beard as offering to the lord.
He said that he prayed the Lord for SCS and is confident that he would fulfil his wish."I have tonsured my head here several times after my wishes are granted. Lord will definitely grant us special status. I am sure that people of Andhra will hear good news shortly," he added.

The director was always seen in full beard and offers them at Tirumala every year.

Usually devotees tonsure their head and offer their hair to the God in Tirumala when their wish is granted. Today the director has offered his beard.

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