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Feeble Women of our country the place is not safe, please get back into mother’s womb

The day women can walk freely on the roads at night, that day we can say that India has achieved independence, said Mahatma Gandhi. If he was alive today to watch the death of humanity in people, he would have changed his vision of walking on the roads at night to day.

Humanity has died, and the animal in man has is rampaging all over the feeble women in the country. This animal is stamping over the flesh of the frail women and feeding up its ugly, disgusting, sickening desire.

And that is why the time has come to witness a change. Not the change where women would fight against it. The fight and slogans in the social media would do no good. This fight would not bring any positive outcome. It may look from the outside that the justice has been done, but it is only stable for a matter of time.

The so-called governments and political parties in the country would do no justice. The rules laid down in the system were all done by the masculine gender and we are living in the ostensible male dominant society.   

Don’t blame us back for instigating the animal instincts in men. No one ever asks for such cruelty and please don’t ever culprit our dressing style. It is not us who are asking to exploit us; it is their animal mind that is asking them to do such things.

Asifa has never instigated the molesters. She is a small child that does not know the way of the world but has suffered to the cruelty the world can show.
So let’s get back to the old times, where they showed some respect to women, where looking at women in an unruly manner is considered as a sin, where actually humanity existed.

Don’t know even if then women would be safe, to hell with leading a life on this earth. All my fellow sisters, mothers, daughters please get back into mother’s womb and the female babies who are in the wombs of mother don’t come out from there. There is no other place protective than that for you.

We cannot do anything except doing justice to them, we cannot go back in time and stop the incidents from happening, or we cannot stop living on earth. We can only ask God for a life where such incidents would not happen.

If the victims who have died at the hands of these animals have any words to say, they may have explained their plight. If all the women who have been killed after being raped were asked to write a diary this would have been their emotion:

The day has sent shivers down my spine. Every time the animal used to show itself somewhere else far away from me, but on that fateful day, it showed its power on me. It made me fear it even before its arrival. All my life went into vain when the inevitable event has displayed its vehemence.The animal started exploring me slowly with its whistles and blows when I am in half way in my sleep. It suddenly woke me up with its extreme harshness and downpour. It has become unbearable for me to accept the force. It had not let me close my eyelids for even a second till my death. When it has loosened its grip on me and let me go free, I was so much devastated, completely ruined. It has left me with overwhelming shock and grief and loss. The animal made me as a dried wig that was worn out, It made me cry out loud of thirst, It has made me a liability, It simply made me a hallow, and turned me into a simple nothing. It has quenched its animal desire by taking away my the life of dignity. I would just pray to god that such things never ever happen to any other women on the face of the earth. 


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