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AP Special status - TDP MPs attempt to protest near PM's residence, detained

As part of their protest for the demand for SCS for Andhra Pradesh, a group of 211 TDP MPs marched towards PM Narendra Modi’s residence on Sunday. 

Police detained the MPs from reaching the PMs Residence and were taken to the Tughlaq Road police station from where they were released two hours after their detention. 

TDP MPs were detained when they were marching towards the PMs house shouting slogans and waving placards in the morning.  

Arvind Kejriwal has reached the station and criticised the act done by the police, he said that it is a very sad moment. 

The Delhi Chief Minister added that it is very unfair that the MPs were arrested when they are fighting for what is rightfully theirs. 

The whole nation is watching what the central government is doing and how they are taking away the rights of the AP people.

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