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Amravati will be the Green-blue city said CM

Chief Minister Nara Chandrababu Naidu speaking at the Happy Cities Summit in Amravati said that the capital city will become the Green-Blue city of the state.

He said that along the 30km stretch of the Krishna River would be developed as the Green-blue city and it is the only city which is able to get fresh water throughout the year which is a plus point, he added.

The city is being developed to global standards with sustainability and liveability as its focal points. The AGDP would help in the mitigation of floods and recharge of groundwater levels besides reducing the heat, CM said.

He also said that five reservoirs are about to be constructed in the city. He represented the landscaping in the city represents green and the fresh water represents blue, which is why the city of Amravati would be developed as the green-blue city.

He said that in Bhutan the Co2 level is neutral which is helping them have a life of longevity and the same would be implemented in the state by making 50% greenery and the state government is working towards it, CM added.

The ADGP would cover of the capital city area of The quality of living would be enhanced through proper landscaping, better air quality and improving microclimate which would be made possible with ADGP.

Under the ADGP project five major parks, 25km long landscaping riverfront and 46km km landscaping along the canals of Kondaveetivaagu and Palavagi and the Undavalli hillock. 

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