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YS Chowdary blames UPA and NDA for APs plight

YS Chowdary, former Minister in the Modi cabinet has blamed the UPA government as well as NDA government for the plight of Andhra Pradesh. 
He said that UPA and NDA are liable for the present condition of Andhra Pradesh; one for making the promises and the other for not fulfilling those promises.

Chowdary said that it is the responsibility of the government, which party government it may be, the centre has to fulfill the assurances given to the state. 

The bifurcation bill would not have been passed if the assurances given were not accepted by the members of the house, he added. 

It is the duty of the government regardless of the dispensation to implement the Reorganisation Act. 

Mr.Chowdary also spoke about loses that have been affected on the state because of bifurcation and the centre is liable in fulfilling the promises made.

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