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Theatres resumed in Andhra Pradesh

Cinema Halls in Andhra Pradesh has been shut down as the film industries are on a definite strike, as a result, both single and multi-screen theatres are closed in the city for 4 days.
The strike has been called off on Monday, with immediate effect and films set to play. Some theatres may start screenings immediately, some may open from Friday
The talks of Telugu Film Industry representatives with digital service providers succeeded. The Digital service providers have reduced their charges by 20%.
The film industry had put a demand that no charges should be collected, as digital service providers make money through advertisements projected during the film. They also argued that they had to meet the increased cost of latest equipment used for projection of films.
 After a series of negotiations with digital service providers in the recent past turning out to be futile, distributors, producers and exhibitors have teamed up to fight against the DSPs over pricing, demanding them to slash the VPF charged per screen, per week for a film.

The price has been increased from 7000 to 10000 per screen on a weekly basis. For screening a movie for more than a couple of weeks in the hall, the DSPs are charging 27500.

As per the initial terms, once the theatres are equipped with required digital equipment, DSPs agreed to waive off the VPF a few years down the line, which has not being implemented and instead they ended up hiking the fee.  

Now that all the talks are over, movie buffs can soon be starting to enjoy their films.

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