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TDP to join hands with Congress?

There is no consistency in the political friendships these days. A friend may become a foe and a foe may become a friend. That’s the magic of Politics. There is no guarantee that can be seen.

This is what is literally happening in Andhra Pradesh politics. The long term alliance of TDP-BJP has come to an abrupt end. Though they were saying that the parties are together, one can understand what is really happening.
If the news that is learnt from TD sources is true, the party is likely to join hands with Congress party.

It seems that chief minister Chandrababu Naidu is contemplating on the taking the friendly hand extended by Sonia Gandhi.
Sonia Gandhi has called all the like-minded people with her for a dinner party on March 13th to form a common front of all non-BJP parties.

TDP was also invited to the dinner and the TD supremo seems to have evinced interest in this meeting and is prepping up to send a senior party leader on his behalf.

With Sonia Gandhi inviting TD party to the meeting, expressing her solidarity with TDs agitation on seeking justice to AP, Rahul Gandhi directly promising SCS to AP soon after coming into power-all these situations are leading to a single conclusion.
But what Naidu is going to do is left to him.

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