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TDP decides to pull out of Narendra Modi government

The political drama which has been going on the sets of Andhra Pradesh for more than months has finally come to climax. 

From long time all eyes were on CM Nara Chandrababu Naidu, on what his decision would be, and today he has ended the suspense chapter.

He broke up with Modi. The TD party which has been allies with BJP has now broke up the ties.  

Chief Minister Nara Chandrababu Naidu in the late hours of Wednesday has declared it's exit from the friendship. 

I tried reaching out to the Prime Minister to inform him about our decision. But sadly, he was unavailable,  CM said. 

The TD party MPs in Modi's cabinet are going to give out their resignations tomorrow, he added. 

We’ve waited enough. We’ve believed in false promises enough. Our ministers are resigning from the Union Cabinet. We will do whatever it takes to fulfill the aspirations of the people of Andhra Pradesh, he said. 

The move is taken in lieu of centre making it clear that it is not going to provide SCS for Andhra Pradesh and could only grant special package. 

The state bifurcation has been done without the interests of Andhra Pradesh and as a result the state is being facing financial crunches. 

Many promises were made stating the welfare of Andhra Pradesh, but nothing has come into action yet.  

As the assembly elections are fast approaching the situations worsened in the state and the demand for SCS has peaked. 

One should make a move gauging around the circumstances and anticipated situations. And our CM has done it now. Might have been for the sake of the State or his party or the next coming elections. 

Whatever may be answer his move now have bagged him several positive points. Protests may increase from tomorrow to fulfil the promises made. But after all, promises are made to be broken. 


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