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Strategy well played

The political relations are taking U-turns at crossroads in Andhra Pradesh. It is learned that Janasena is likely to support YSRCP in the coming elections.

YSRC MP Varaprasad claimed that YSRCP is going to work together with Janasena in demanding SCS for the state. He also said that Pawan Kalyan has talked to him over the phone regarding the support in next elections. 

‘’Pawan had asked about why YSRC is still targeting him after he no longer is with TDP. And also said that he is ready to support YSRCP," YSRCP MP Varaprasad told media.

Under the given circumstances Varaprasads remarks have added spark to the alliance drama in the state politics of Andhra Pradesh.

Is BJP secretly dealing out with YSRCP and Jana Sena as the ties with TD have been wrecked? The situations are saying yes as the answer.

TD party has been cornered by BJP, YSRCP and now Janasena. But why did BJP left out its longtime ally and taking the support of its opposition?

Is centre willing to provide SCS under another opposition party in the state, or the political parties are just playing around with people’s sentiments for the sake of getting into power. Only time could answer the question.

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