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Special Status now a National Topic said ChandraBabu

Chief Minister Nara Chandrababu Naidu said that the Demand for Special Status for Andhra Pradesh has now become a national topic.

He blamed BJP for doing injustice to the state of Andhra Pradesh. He questioned the centre’s objection to granting special status to state when Congress party also in its plenary announced special status to Andhra Pradesh. 

He also lashed out at YSCRCP and Janasena for indulging in opportunistic politics. He questioned Pawan on why he is silent for last four years and is criticising TDP now.  

He said that it is the responsibility of his party to take these conspiracy politics to the people. He added that the collusion politics of YSRCP and conspiracy politics of Janasena are to be put out. 

CM further added that his party would be striving for the betterment of the state and in getting SCS to Andhra Pradesh. 

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