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Special Category Status goes to ?

It is not known whether the centre is going to grant SCS or not. But the demand for SCS is attracting a political issue.
A war between TD party and YSRCP has been erupted for taking credit and maximum gains from the move and the protest in Delhi over the Special Category status.  Both the ruling party and the opposition party were demanding for SCS and are protesting for its grant. 
TD party has been demanding Special status as it is the emotional phenomenon for the state. Whereas YSRCP is trying to take credit by attacking TD party saying that it is because with the YSRCP force TDP have pulled itself out of NDA to push no-confidence motion. 
Though the demands for SCS have been increasing and the state parties have gone till moving a no-confidence motion, the centre seems to have not flinched at all and not showing any signs of granting SCS.
But the fast approaching parliamentary elections are increasing the tensions between the state parties. As usual, the blame game kick-started in the scenario.
Friends are becoming foes, and statements are being changed day after day. Allegations are being made without any proofs. Pointing out other parties for their faults has become the top priority. 
But all the roads are leading towards Special Status Category, as it is clear that it is the only ladder for reaching the target. Of course, the target is elections don’t mistake it for the welfare of the state.

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