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Shah’s letter is an insult to AP people said CM

Chief Minister Nara Chandrababu Naidu responded back to the letter written by Amit Shah. He said that the letter is an insult to the people of Andhra Pradesh. 
CM speaking at the Legislative Assembly said that BJP chief Amit Shah tried to misrepresent the facts, and hurting the sentiments of Telugu people. 

Replying to the comments of Amit Shah that TD party has quit NDA for political commitments, CBN said that we have taken the decision of quitting NDA alliance to respect the feelings of people. 

CBN added that NDA did not discharge its responsibility towards its ally and its state. BJP has done much injustice to Andhra Pradesh than the Congress by not fulfilling the commitments made in AP Reorganisation Act.  

Chief Minister reacted strongly saying that ‘’you may have that habit, I don’t have’’ to Amit Shah’s comments that CBN is looking to divert the funds received from the central government. 

Responding to the tone in which the letter is written CM said that is the reflection of the functioning of the Prime Minister’s Office. 

Chief Minister Nara Chandrababu Naidu shot back at Amit Shah, by questioning ‘’Why are you spreading lies?’’. he said even now the centre is providing benefits to the north-eastern states if it has done to AP also the same the state would have got many industries would have come to the state.  

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