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Pawan’s comments were baseless says Lokesh

Responding to the allegations made by Pawan Kalyan, IT and Panchayat Raj Minister Nara Lokesh said that Pawan’s comments were baseless and don’t have any significance to react.

IT Minister also said that he has never met Sekhar Reddy and that they are circulating a picture of his Planning Board member Peddi Ramarao as Sekar Reddy. 

Lokesh also added that he was hurt with Pawan’s remarks stating that I'm bringing a bad name to my grandfather and Sr NTR have really hurt me. 
Lokesh added that he would never do anything that will let his grandfather down or bring a bad reputation for him.

He shot back at Pawan saying that Pawan do not have any proof and that is why he changed his words the very next day.

Pawan’s remarks have been taken up by TD party very seriously. But Pawan just justified his remarks by saying that he has made those comments which he overheard from 'many'.

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