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PawanKalyan takes U-turn over special status to AndhraPradesh ?

Janasena chief who from long is fighting for SCS to Andhra Pradesh has now said that SCS tag was not important. 

He said that the tag of SCS is not necessary as long as the state gets financial help from the centre. 

The person who till now have threatened to start an indefinite fast for seeking SCS and who have targeted TD party after it went against the centre, is now questioning his loyalty. 

A clear sign has been spread out with his U-turn towards the welfare of the state. It clearly confirms that Pawan has a secret understanding with the BJP.
The day before yesterday he made a statement on Twitter claiming that he follows only the direction of people and not any other party direction. But now the statement seems to have gone through some changes.

Statements made in politics are so prone to change. It is never to the point that a statement made would be still.  

Anything can happen in politics, and anything can happen in AP politics.

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