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Kondapalli Utsav scheduled from April 5th

The state government is prepping up for conducting the Kondapalli Utsav for three days from April 5th to 7th.

Workshops, meetings and several cultural events will be organized in the Utsav where the history of Kondapalli would be highlighted.

The state government is conducting the Utsav to protect and promote the Telugu language as Chief minister has declared 2018 as the Telugu language Protection and Promotion year.

The first three days of the Utsav would bring forth the greatness of the Telugu People and Telugu history, literature, and culture.

Scholars and researchers will discuss the history and cultural achievements of the Telugu language on the first two days and the origin of the language along with its significance would be put out on the third day of the Utsav.

Steps for the development of the language will be discussed in the Utsav and the workshops would create awareness about the language and its history.

The younger generation today have completely left the language out and efforts would be made through the Utsav for popularising the language without losing its nativity to the modern younger generation.
Chief minister would be attending the Utsav.

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