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Is Twitter following of PM fake?

With the growing technology day to day, social media have become the main platform for interaction in all categories.

Politics and political parties are as well using Twitter as the medium for attracting the public, matters relating to administration and to put out the wrongs of the opposite parties.

In our country also all the politicians are using social media for engaging with the public. Our PM Modi is one among them who uses twitter very effectively and he has many followers following him.

A recent study conducted by Twiplomacy revealed that half of the followers of PM twitter handle are fake.

Twiplomacy is a digital platform which helps governments in improving their digital strategy, has conducted a survey using Twitter Audit which revealed that more than half of his followers on Twitter are fake.

The report also said that Modi has more fake followers than US president Donald Trump. Trump has 37 % fake followers among 47.9 million followers and Modi has 60% fake followers among 40.3 million followers. 

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