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Cybercrime station to commence in 2 months in vizag

The cyber-crime police station which has been proposed a long time back is going to commence in 2 months in the city.
The cybercrime police station and cyber forensic laboratory will come up at the VUDA complex on temporary basis until a new unit is build for the units.
When the units are commenced in the city then the dependability on the cyber forensic laboratory located in Hyderabad for vizag police would not be necessary.
Almost 950 cyber cases are pending in the city and the unit’s commencement would clear out all the pending cases.
The works for cybercrime police station and the cyber forensic lab have begun at Old Karasa Police quarters with an expenditure of Rs 20 lakhs.
Once the lab was set, it would give a boost to the cyber crime investigation giving enough leads and time to solve the cases.

In Visakhapatnam, an average of two to three cyber crime cases are recorded per day, with over 700 cases registered in the last two years. 

Visakhapatnam has now earned the distinction of being the cyber crime capital of the State and falls second in the country.

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