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CBN plans for an indefinite strike at the All-party meeting

Chief Minister who has called for an all-party meeting in secretariat today said that the meeting was convened to take suggestions.

He said that the all-party meeting was convened in order to take everyone's suggestion and decide how to go forward with the state's demand for 'Special Category Status' in the Parliament.

However BJP, YSRCP, and Janasena were absent for the meeting held at the state assembly, CBN added.

CM said that he has called upon the meeting to take suggestions on moving forward in the parliament.  

All the organizations that fought for the state during bifurcation and the ones which are fighting now are invited to the meeting.

It is also heard that CM is planning on going to Delhi and sit on an indefinite fast.
If these are the circumstances that BJP is planning to face then that’s fine, if not there are about to be in a serious trouble.

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