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Amit Shah invites Chandrababu Naidu over AP issues

Right before the plan was implemented Chief Minister received a call from Amitshah.

Chief Minister is playing his moves in a very strategic way that reactions to the moves are being seen even before the move is made. 

TD party has decided on Friday to corner BJP in the parliament over Andhra Pradesh’s demands and his strategy to write to major national, regional political parties across the nation to seek their support for AP.

But even before the plan was put into action, a reaction has come from BJP. BJP's national president Amit Shah has telephoned Chandrababu Naidu. Amit apparently invited Chandrababu to iron out the 'differences' and 'settle' the issues between them.

Amit Shah has evinced interest in meeting TDP leaders on March 5th and CM said to have told Amit Shah that a team of TDP leaders under the leadership of YS Chowdary would meet Amit Shah to discuss on the issues.

though there are highly fewer chances that BJP is going to accept the AP’s demands, TDP leaders want to play it very smart and want to take 'as much as' one could for the State before 2019 polls.
It seems that the BJP at the centre has now fallen under self defensive mode and trying to sort out the issues, before a fuss is made out.

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